Google Sheet As API
Input data on Google Sheet and fetch the API with a GET call
About this project

This was an interesting project in my former job. My manager essentially wanted an application built to where he can simply put in product ID's in cells and have it reflected in the company's Website instantaneously.

For instance, within Google Sheets there can be a column for products that are "NEW" and once the product IDs are in the respective cells, the product would show up within a particular section in the company's Website.


The Google Sheet As API app enables input in the form of Google Sheets. One can input data in the cells just like in the screen shot on this Webpage. After some quick configuration within Google Sheets, it produces a JSON file where developers can fetch it with a GET call to obtain the data.

This JSON file is then used to take the product ID's and fetch another GET call to obtain the product information needed to produce content such as the product's name, description, price, photo, etc.

This would also work for product IDs that are removed from the Google Sheets' cell. It would simply update the JSON file live and these removed product IDs will not show up in the company's Website.

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • AJAX
  • Google Sheets