XML to JSON to Server
Convert XML to JSON and automatically upload it to the server
About this project

The XML to JSON to Server appplication takes a XML file containing 8k+ products and its data such as product name, description, price, URL location, etc. converts it to JSON format and uploads the JSON file to the server.

During this time period in my former job, the only way to obtain product data and customize the company's Website was through a XML file the Content Manager System (CMS) produced. If one is familiar with the size of a XML file containing 8k+ products, he or she knows the file can be large and it was so.

Moreover, if one is familiar with a CMS, he or she knows that there are limitations in which the user/developr cannot access certain services such as direct access to the database. One needed to be creative to "work around" the CMS.


There are three main parts to this server - database application.

The first part is the server, which is responsible for fetching the XML file and removing elements the company did not need to shorten the file as much as possible.

The second part is the conversion of the data to JSON format and upload it to the server. Prior to the upload, backups of the previous JSON file are downloaded locally.

Finally, an internal API was used to concurrently hit the NoSQL database to input any new product data.

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB
  • HTML5
  • CSS3